5 Things to know before choosing a paving contractor:

  1. How many years has this business been in business and registered with the BBB?            The paving business is notorious for "fly by night" contractors.  Don't get caught up in this! Some of these contractors will knock on your door and say they have a whole truckload of asphalt left over and will pave your driveway cheap!  Very rarely will a legitimate contractor have a whole truck load of asphalt left over.
  2. Most paving contractors are small, family owned businesses.                                               You will get the best job out of these quality oriented companies!  Big companies are more expensive because of overhead and usually less organized.
  3. Is the owner of the company going to be on the job to ensure maximum quality?                 Asphalt paving takes expertise and TLC.  The owner of the paving company has a lot of time and money invested.  If the owner of the company is present on the job site, you will be guaranteed the best job!  Ask the company if the owner will be present!
  4. Does the salesperson know the business?                                                                           Many factors can cause problems when paving, such as drainage.  Do you have a solid base?  Does your existing driveway need excavating or can it be resurfaced?  Ask how many years experience the salesperson has and remember what he or she sells you is what the crew should do!  It is very important the salesperson knows a lot about what he or she is selling.
  5. Call the BBB and find out if the company is registered? How many complaints in the last 3 years? Why?​                                                                                                                       It is very important that you know what kind of company you are working with.  If there are more than a few complaints on the BBB, ask why.  Are they not taking care of their customers?  Did they do a quality job?  Call the BBB and ask before you choose a paving contractor!

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